What is HugePM?
HugePM is a program which shares profits earned from sports betting arbitrage.
Who can participate in HugePM investment program?
Everyone from all over the world who is over 18 years of age can participate in our program.
How can I join?
It is simple. Go to registration page, fill all the required details and click register.
Can I open multiple accounts on your website?
No, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts. Only one account per IP.
I forgot my password. How can I re-set it?
Click password retrieve link from account login area.
How can I make a deposit?
After you completed registration form, go to login area and enter your username and password. After you are logged in click Make deposit, select your investment plan , deposit amount and payment processor- complete the payment.
What is minimum and maximum deposit?
Minimum deposit is $1 and maximum is $25000.
Which payment processors can i use to make a deposit?
We accept PerfectMoney and Bitcoin.
How quickly is my deposit added to my account?
PerfectMoney deposits are added instantly to your account. Bitcoin deposits must have at least 3 network confirmations before it will be added as deposit. It may take from a few minutes to one or two hours.
Are there any fees?
We do not charge any fees.
When will my first earnings be added to my account balance?
You will receive earnings once your deposit has matured.
How can I withdraw my profits?
Log in to the members area, and click "Withdraw". Choose the payment processor you would like to withdraw to, fill in the amount, and click request. Be sure that the account number on the next page is yours, and then click Confirm.
How long will it take to process my withdrawal request?
Requests process Instantly.
What is the minimum to request a withdrawal?
The minimal amount is $0.01.
Can I get paid to promote HugePM?
Yes. We offer a lucrative and sustainable affiliate program which awards you 5% - 10% of any and all of your referrals' deposits from a payment processor.
Does my upline receive referral commission when I reinvest from account balance?
No. If you would like to save yourself and HugePM the payment processor fees, you may reinvest from account balance.
Where can I get my referral links and banners?
To refer other people to HugePM, please use our advertising tools found at "Referral Links" in the member area.